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Toys, Toys and More Toys

Friday, August 24, 2012 Category : , , 0

It's like the season of gift-giving is already here in Singapore when we visited Takasahimaya's Craziest Toy Sale event last night.  It is because of the toys. Toys make me feel I am always a kid.  I know the feeling what my son felt last night when he saw these bunch of toys on sale. He is really HAPPY!  By the way, thank you to my former colleague who just gave me the tip to visit the Toy Sale event.

Takashimaya's Crazy Toy Sale

And because there are lots of great toys at a great price, my husband, my son and I spend lots of time roaming around the event area and even spent some bucks for some toys.  

These are the toys that we bought on the Toy Sale 

The total amount that we spent for all of the toys was only S$61.  Not bad right?  It's like an early Christmas present for Johan - my son.  Below are some of the closer view/photos of the items and their prices.

Bob the Builder's Cement Truck @ S$5

Captain America Hero Mask @ S$8

Honda-Nicky Hayden Die Cast Scale 1:10 @ S$15

Skateboard Racing Track @ S$15
Wrist Watch at 3 for S$10
Disney - Pixar Collection, Woody and Big Baby @ S$10 each 
Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack - Buzz Lightyear and Ken @ S$10

If you are in Singapore and you have the love for the toys, you can drop by at the Craziest Toy Sale located at Takashimaya Square - B2.  The event is until Sunday, 26th of August 2012. Oh by the way, did I mention that we got 10% off on each of the items?  Yes, aside from the discounted price, we got a 10% off on each items except for the Bob the Builder Cement Truck.  So hurry and pick yours! 

DC Skate Shoes

Monday, August 13, 2012 Category : , , 0

It was on Saturday morning of August 11, 2012 when my husband told us (me and my son) that we will go to the 1st Year Anniversary Sale of the DC Shoes here in Singapore.  

This Ad is courtesy of DC Shoes Singapore

For the benefit of the doubt, DC Shoes are well known for their skate shoes.  Aside from that, their shoes are comfortable and fits our style of clothing.

I have really no plans of buying.  But hubby wants to.  So we went to the "Warehouse Sale" - the Anniversary Sale of DC Shoes here in SG.  

My son, enjoying his photo shoot with his Dad beside the DC Van.

While we were inside the warehouse, Johan saw and picked a pair of shoe.  He even asked me to fit the shoe for him.  He likes it and asked us to buy it for him.  The original price was SGD99 but we bought it for SGD55 only.  Below are some clips of his YOUTH REBOUND DC SHOE.

Front view.

Closer view from the front.

View from the back.

Side view.

Closer view from the side.

Johan now has his new pair of shoe.  Hubby asked me to pick one for me too.  So I roam around the store until I found this MEN'S BLOCK PURE (Ken Block inspired) SHOE. 

Front view.
View from the back.

The best thing about this BLOCK PURE SHOE is that I love the design and the price!  The original price was SGD149 and got it for only SGD80.  More pictures below.

View from the side.

Another closer view on the other side.

Side view.

Even my husband likes the design.  Unfortunately, there's no more size for him.  At the end of the day, he bought nothing for himself.  But according to him, he will just look for a DC Shoe next time.

If you guys are interested to the DC Warehouse Anniversary Sale in Singapore, you can still go until 19th of August 2012.  Please check the ad above or you can visit DC SHOE Singapore Facebook page.

Bangkok Shopping Malls and Market

Friday, August 3, 2012 Category : , , , 0

Terminal 21 Mall
Bangkok is known as the "Shopping Haven" on earth and no wonder there are lots of malls and markets inside the   City.  Because of the time being, we just visited 1 market and 3 shopping malls and these are:

1.  Chatuchak Market
      Chatuchak Market is a weekend market only.  It only opens on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.    You can find various stalls for clothes, souvenir items, bags, foods here.  The place is very big so I suggest if you like certain item, buy it right away.  Don't hesitate to ask for a discount. The sellers usually give you their best deal and even they ask you for your best price. Please visit Chatuchak Official Website for more information.

2.  MBK
     I found MBK better than Chatuchak. Beside the fact that it is a mall, you can find also items that you can see at the Chatuchak Market and items are cheaper.  You can find anything here.  Clothing, food, mobile phones, bags and souvenir items.  Foreign exchange rate is better also in this place. Plus, you can also ask for discounts too on the items you wanted to buy. If you want to know more of MBK, visit MBK Official Website.

3. Siam Paragon
     If you are into high end fashion, well this place is for you. Aside from fashion, I love their supermarket and their fast food center.  Krispy Kreme, my favorite doughnut store is found here.  Plus they have the Siam Oceanworld where kids and adults will truly enjoy.

4.  Terminal 21
     Terminal 21 is the latest shopping mall in Bangkok, opened October 2011.  The mall ambiance is just like from the name itself, in an airport terminal.  Each floor is named and themed after famous cities and countries all over the world.  For more information, visit Terminal 21 Official Website.


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